Grattan Puxon lied he is a Rom

April 8, World Gypsy Day

The feeling and intent of the First Congress Romanó  in 1971 was to create a forum in which all Roma organizations pu give  participate in the future and thus  increase the chances of coordination and to concentrate on a new political will

Grattan Puxon

Puxon mincinosul


The newspaper La Vanguardia published on April 13, 1971 (page 17) the following minicronica signed with its mijita of antigitana carpetovetónica by Federico ABASCAL GASSET: «GYPSY CONGRESS. For the first time since 1935, the British gypsies held a congress yesterday in Chelsfield, Kent. The gypsy Mr. Puxon affirmed that his brothers are currently facing a greater danger than during the Second World War, during which more than half a million died in gas chambers erected by Nazism: „It threatens us now to a more subtle genocide: the integration in society „. The gas chambers liquidated specific individuals. The society, when trying the absorption of the gypsies, tries to eliminate the spirit of that race. Through the Andalusian olive groves descend tonight-bronze and dream-camborios without green moon. And in the hand of Mr. Puxon, there is not a sway, but the steel keys of an „Austin”, the last model »

8to e Grastornajesqo, Sundalutno Dives e Rromano Themesqo 8 de abril, Día Mundial del Pueblo Gitano