Dr. Lilyana Kovacheva- deportarea romilor în India


Dr. Lilyana Kovacheva is an eminent Roma poet and scholar from Bulgaria. She graduated University Degree in Pedagogy and accomplished Ph.D on Ethnology. She was the main organizer of International Roma Conference “Coming back to the roots”, held at Delhi and Chandigarh in April, 2001, which was organized by Hindu Heritage Prathisthan, Delhi, Research Foundation, Delhi and India Inter-Continental Cultural Association, Chandigarh. Over 35 persons of Roma origin from various European countries participated in this conference. She is author of several books and publications on Roma including “Rom knows the way” published in India. She was the initiator of Indian Music and Dance groups of India Inter-Continental Cultural Association to take participation in the International Festival of Roma Music and Dance in the Bulgarian city of Stara Zagora.

email: lilyana_kovatcheva@abv.bg