Janardhan Pathania is a Hindu Shame!

Dew Bhardwaj you have no right to use my ethnic name and apply it to the name of Janardhan Pathania. He is not a Rom by birth, he is Hindu. He is obliging us to learn his FAKE Sanji Romani. His book if full with shameful words, against our tradition.

Dew Bhardwaj accorded to Janardhan Pathania the title Roma Jewel at the International Writers Festival (Kafla Intercontinental s), 2018, held at Indore.

Janardhan Pathania is A HINDU SHAME, because in his pdf version of his book Sanji Romani, included shameful, obscene words, and the grammar described as being Romani correct grammar is not used among our Romani communities.

Janardhan Pathania on 2 August 2018, on Facebook is obliging all the Roma to speak his invented Romani lg. saying:” the Roms are free to speak what they want in their villages and tribes, but they are obliged (MUSAI) internationally to speak and write my Sanji Romani language.” Janardhan Pathania where we can find a grammar book with the complete description of your invented Romani Sanji? Here are the words told by Pathania in a poor Romani, translated by me in English.

He compelled the Roma to write and speak his idiot fake invented Sanji Romani, telling in the mockery that THE ROMA CAN SPEAK THEIR DIALeCTS IN THEIR VILLAGES AND PLAINS (pe peske gavende te kamponde, e Roma shai te vakaren pesko Romani dialekto).

Janardhan Pathania wants to be immortal by inventing a fake language for the Roma. We are ALIVE and WE WILL NOT ALLOW the INDIANS TO DESTROY OUR DIALECTS!


Janardhan Pathania, you called me in your poem a THIEF who became rich by stealing the money of Roma. The poem is in your book, page 81: http://www.romawindow.com/sanjhi_romani_jib.pdf

Here is the PDF version of Janardhan Pathania, Sanji Romani: sanjhi_romani_jib

You are wrong. I am a poor man. I am not a thief. You cursed my name. Yes, my name is  BARO ROM. What is your problem? You told me in your poem ”Don’t stop my romani work you stinking snake!” Janardhan Pathania, you have no right to call your work ROMANI BUTI. You are Non-Roma, you are a stranger. Your work is called Idiot Work.

I invite all my readers to see how Janardhan Pathania  cursed me after i told him and Dew Bhardwaj that Janardhan Pathania HAS NO RIGHT TO INVENT A ROMANI LANGUAGE. This is the answer of Pathania:


„Ai Roma-len! Kai ruvisarda mashkar amende jek bengoro!Te vo si mai bokhale illesko jek 3ungalo 3ukloro!Dikhavel pes barikanes sar jek Rom cacoro!Te kerel pes barikanes sar jek mai baro godavero!Bangarel Romanipe, te sharel pes o 3ungaloro!Te corel Romengi buti, te luve o kalo muiakoro!Konik Puchel les drom te dikhavel les dui-rigenoro!Te e godaver manushengo vo si dushman khulxanoro!Te vo vash bilachipe mangel lachipe,chuche gudakoro!Te so chuvesa tele chinesa, so ni 3anel vo diloro!So si o manushalipe ni 3anel o bengoro!Te xal gushnia, te 3ivel loshales sar ik Kirmoro!Jek-divese me phardem e bengesko kalo maskoro!Te dikhlem angle mande, jek Sap nango nangoro!Te vo garavdes phenda man e dui-chibengo Saporo!Ker mansa amalipe te ov sar mande vi tu Rom baro!Cup ker! Ni Kan dav tuke! Ai diliarne Saporeja!Mange si mai-lacho o Romanipe e benge Saporeja!Ma achav i meri Romani-buti e Khindine Saporeja!Nash morate ! Ai merinde Phure Saporeja!„

Here is the translation


„Hai, o Gypsy people ! A devil has sneaked among us!He is a very greedy dog !He fradulently poses himself as a true Rom!He shows of himself as a very intelligent man !He tarnishes the Gypsyhood, and praises himself!He is a cheat who steals the poor Roma’s money!If one ask him the Romano Road he misleads him!The dirty man is enemy of the wise people!For his bad deeds he expects good results!What you sow so shall you reap the fool doesnt know!What is humanity the devil does not know !He is an insect of cow dung and lives in it happily !One fine day I tore the mask from the devil’s face!I found in front of me a stark naked snake !Secretly the two-tongued snake told me!You do friendship with me and become rich like me!Shut up! I wont obey you, you dirty snake !To me Gipsyhood is very good oh you devil Snake!Don’t stop my romani work you stinking snake!Go to hell, oh you dying old snake !”

Tell me, mister Janrdhan Pathania, when do you tore my face? Who told you that i am not a true Rom? I am a Kalderash Rom from Caransebes city, Romania, Europe. All the Roms from Caransebs city can tell you this truth. I never told you to make money together.