Ronald Lee why you contradict yourself?

Mister Ronald Lee why do you say in your book, Das duma Romanes, that you did not know the Romani Kalderash dialect until you came from England to Canada?



I ask you because on the back cover it’s written  that you are a native Kalderash  speaker. Your wikipedia page is saying that: ”When Lee was 18, he started to travel with a Kalderash family from Europe.” So you started to learn Kalderash at 18?



If you are a Kalderash speaker,why do you use a word from the corrupted Anglo-Romani dialect to offend me? Here is your opinion about my article: Ronald Lee „What a load of unmittigated hinger – Che bari gremada khul”


Mister Ronald Lee, i am very curious who you are, because in your book, Living fire, you declared to be half Sinti, half Machwaya. I believe, judging your offenses, that you are not Kalderash, because a man is insulting other man in his mother tongue. Yours is the BROKEN Anglo-Romani. Hinger is a corrupted Romani word. You said about my article:” What a big heap of shit”. Very wise shit mister Ronald Lee.

Dă clic pentru a accesa livingfire.pdf


On your wikepdia page is stated that your father was Kalderash, in book was Machwaya.



In reality, who you are mister Roland Lee, to have the power to judge the Romani origin of other people, if you dont know dialects from Europe:

”In addition to these activities, Mrs. Lovell Urbani began conducting interviews in 2000 with refugee claimants who identify themselves to be Roma (Lovell Urbani 6 Oct. 2001). The interviews take place at the request of the claimant’s lawyer and at the lawyer’s office in the presence of an interpreter, although Mrs. Lovell Urbani speaks Romanes (ibid.). She provides an opinion as to whether or not the claimant is Roma based on information from the claimant about his or her family name, clan, physical appearance, mother tongue, accent, knowledge of Roma culture and traditions, religious practices, his or her description of their situation in the country of origin and other criteria (ibid.). Mrs Lovell Urbani has not herself been to Hungary or the Czech Republic; in some circumstances, Mrs. Lovell Urbani consults with the Budapest-based European Roma Rights Center, the Roma Community and Advocacy Centre, and Dr. Ian F. Hancock, professor with the department of linguistics of the University of Texas at Austin, before rendering an opinion (ibid.). She charges a fee regardless of the outcome of the interview (ibid.). No other WCRA member conducts such interviews (ibid.).
Mrs. Lovell Urbani has testified at two IRB refugee hearings in Vancouver regarding the Roma ethnicity of the claimants and attended two IRB hearings as an observer (ibid.). Since 1999, she has been a member of the Roma National Congress (RNC) (ibid.), the Hamburg-based Federation of the Romani Civil and Human Rights Movement (RNC n.d.).”

Lizzie Isaacs and Todd Joles, authors of


Lizzie Isaacs and Todd Joles, recently recognized the truth that they constructed this HATE site against me and Natalia Ivend:

The two have admitted on the Facebook page of Ronald Lee, a famous Roma activist from Canada




Now, i want to answer properly to Lizzie Isaacs and Todd Joles. They are saying on their site:

”Academia is for researchers and scholars who have dedicated our life’s work to the preservation of our histories, cultures and representation within institutions- neither Natalie or Baro has done that.  Academia actually encourages debate and exchange of ideas, even when those ideas exist at opposite ends of the spectrum. ”

I have to remind to Lizzie Isaacs and Todd Joles that is an universal right guaranteed by law in the Declaration of Human Rights, to establish schools and even Academias.

”In laymen’s terms, they are not qualified and that is why they are not being invited to present anywhere.”

Mister Todd Joles and Ms. Lizzie Isaacs, i am a Rom. We have other Laws, and our laws are called Romani Kris. After our Romani laws, the Gaje has no right to give us degrees and diplomas in our Romani language and History. Why? Because they do dont know our dialects. Our dialects are many, and are known only by us. The History of Roma is written in our dialects. The non-Roma researchers dont know from home our dialects.

In the International Law, we read: art. 27

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, on the rights of persons belonging to minorities

- maintaining and developing your own culture, in all its aspects, including traditions and customs.
stabilizing and maintaining their own educational, cultural and religious institutions, organizations and associations.
- participation in cultural life, access to the culture of majority and other minorities, to universal culture.


Source: Ion Diaconu, Protecția Drepturilor Omului în Dreptul Internațional Contemporan, p 171, Editura Fundației România de mâine, ediția a II-a, București, 2010

Here is the page from the book i quoted



Mister Todd Joles and Ms. Lizzie Isaacs, after you see I, as a Roma i have the right to establish any form of cultural institution.

”However, for those of us who do understand the protocols, methods and requirements to be an academic and have attained them, who are actively striving to add our own histories to the body of knowledge within institutions, and who are dedicating our lives to preserving and presenting our community’s collective knowledge, in a way which is acknowledged as academically appropriate, for these two to also state a claim as being part of “academia” in any sense is absurd, repulsive and wretched.
Being a hated liar is not a “sign of being famous” unless your goal is to be known as a notorious cultural appropriator- on that count the fame is growing fast for both Natalie and her lapdog Baro.”

Mister Todd Joles and Ms. Lizzie Isaacs, are you kind to tell us who are those academics who gave their life for my Romani language and culture? You meant Ian Hancock, the non-Roma, who dont knows my Romani Wlax dialect, but had the guts to write a grammar called A handbook of Vlax Romani, full with grammar errors? Here you can see his errors:

Or maybe you wanted to mention the name of  Marcel Courthiade, a non-Roma, who destroyed my Kalderash dialect? Here is my researching showing his mistakes:

The alphabet invented by Marcel Courthiade who is filling his pockets?

”In an effort to overcome this, during the 1980s and 1990s Marcel Courthiade proposed a model for orthographic unification based on the adoption of a meta-phonological orthography, which „would allow dialectal variation to be accommodated at the phonological and morpho-phonological level”.[1] This system was presented to the International Romani Union in 1990, who adopted it as the organization’s „official alphabet”. This recognition by the International Romani Union allowed Courthiade’s system to qualify for funding from the European Commission.”

Or, maybe you wanted to mention the name of Yaron Matras who wrote an article called

Why plans for a European Roma Institute might be a setback for Europe’s Roma
”Over the past year negotiations have been taking place between the Council of Europe and a small group of activists who claimed the title “Roma elite”. Backed by the Open Society Foundations (OSF), the formidable civil society enterprise led by billionaire philanthropist George Soros, the group drew up plans for a European Roma Institute (ERI). It would, they said, “license” research on Romani culture and ensure that the dissemination of information on Europe’s largest ethnic minority would be “Roma-led”.”
You two, Todd Joles and Lizzie Isaacs are frightened as Yaron Matras do, by the CULTURAL POWER of NATIVE ROMANI SPEAKERS!

Todd Joles and Lizzie Isaacs are saying:

”The “school” itself is nothing more than an online facade meant to make both Natalie and Baro feel and look important.  Many times both individuals have been asked if this school will be accredited?  This is very important.  Having accreditation demonstrates that the school has met national standards, in whichever country it is incorporated in, requiring  minimum standards of quality.” 
Mr Todd Joles and Ms Lizzie Isaacs, if non-Roma schools have an erroneous doctrine about Roma culture, then we, Roma, need to set up our own schools. That is why I set Indo-Romani Vidyalaya. But you two are not native Romani language speakers and you can not see the errors of Ian Hancock, Marcel Courthiade or Yaron Matras.

Todd Joles and Lizzie Isaacs YOU ARE LIARS, because you are saying:

„Founding of the Indo-Romani Vidyalaya “School”
Using the school as front to gain access to funding ear-marked for Romani programs to use as they see fit for themselves, Natalie and Baro have founded the Indo-Romani Vidyalaya “School”, an online Facebook page with 150 followers and no content.  Allegedly, Natalie stated that this school will be for learning about Romani culture.”

The Indo-Romani Vidyalaya NEVER asked money from a State or other international NGOS.




Todd Joles and Lizzie Isaacs (in photo), my dialect is not broken, as you are saying. I am a native Romani Kalderash speakers, i was instructed in my dialect by my grandparents, Zurka and Mezinka, Iordana and grand-grand mother Elisabeta. I am very known in Romania as the best Romani speaker. In the next lines you lie:

”Yet to date he has only released videos of himself speaking a broken dialect of “Romani” and several papers where he disparages “Kashtale” (see below).  He also has yet to produce any official documentation from any accredited university showing his credentials.  He has yet to produce any published manuscripts in a peer-reviewed journal.  His only “works” are online rambling papers detailing his personal vendetta against Marcel Courthiade and Gheorghe Sarău, among many many others.  Like Natalie, his papers lack the format, content or academic rigor required of a scholarly work.”

I have published a book of universal poetry translated in Romani, and 130 articles about the Tsigani and Romani history. My book was published by the Romanian Government, and is called Roma Gileande Gazende. I translated Rig Veda, the hymn CLXXXIV to Agni, the poems about Roma written by Francois Villon, Charles Baudelaire, Vasile Alecsandri, Alexandr Pushkin (his long poem The Gypsies), Guillame Apollinaire, Mihai Eminescu (99 stanzas, the longest love poem in the world!, i worked 20 years to translate it. In Romanian culture is the most important LOVE POEM, is called Luceafărul. In our history, the Roma were not able to translate this poem Luceafărul, beacause is very hard to translate, here you can read it, Federico Garcia Lorca. I published scientific articles on Roma culture in the Yearbook of Prahova County Society for General Anthropolog, well-known publication.

My 130 articles from changed for eternity the history of Romani nation. But, you two are reading ONLY what the Gaje are writting about the Roma.

I was invited at National Television shows about Roma culture. Here is the complet list with the TV shows and Radio shows were i was invited

Marian Nuţu Cârpaci, 26 Iunie 2o17
Național Tv, emisiunea Și eu m-am născut în România 12 mai 2017 , Prezentarea volumului Roma Gileande Gazendar
21 Ianuarie 2017
Tvr 1 Fără etichetă, 9 Iunie 2017, prezentarea volumului Roma Gileande Gazendar
Istorii încâlcite cu Toma Roman Jr. 6 Iulie 2016


Todd Joles i invite you to put on youtube a sample of your dialect and of your precious face. I invite you too, Ms. Lizzie Isaacs to do the same, i want to see you speaking your BROKEN dialect.

And, in the end of my article i will answer to your idiot slave-like ideeas:

”Just as within our own cultures, there are protocols that must be followed by people who are serious about entering the world of academia; protocols that they just don’t want to follow or have dismissed as being “gadjikano”. The truth is, that neither of their credentials can pass muster and because of this, neither of them have been invited to present anything because they are not researchers, academics or professionals of any kind in the field of Romani Studies.”
You two have a slave behavior obedient to non-Roma systems. You two demonstrate that you are brainwashed by protocols of non-Roma university professors who do not know our dialects and have no humility, but just want to live well, saying the lie that they help the Roma. Are you able to describe the academic protocols invented by you? What Romani Culture Do You Have? You are not Roma, your dialects no longer exist. You are Gaje and you lick Gaje's diplomas, such as Yaron Matras or Ian Hancock

Who is Todd Joles?cosurile pulii

He is a Kashtalo, or a basket-maker, not a Roma, i know it from his confession presented by himself on his Facebook page. His grandfather used to make baskets. Todd Joles is living in California, Oceanside, Chippewa Falls.

Todd Joles

Todd Joles site

Elizabeth Small-Isaacs

Here is the article of Lizzie Isaacs

Ronald Lee you are not defending the Kalderash dialect, but Natalia Ivend is defending my dialect

Mister Ronald Lee, i have to remind you that you are not Kalderash, but Romanichal. Your fame worldwide is coming from your books about my Kalderash dialect. Even if

your reputation is due to my dialect, you dont defend it. In Europe, Romania, Marcel Courthiade and his school, officially declared in books published by the Ministry of Education that the Kalderash dialect must disappear. For 28 years this linguistic genocide has happened, but excepting me, nobody had the courage to defend the Kalderash dialect. Gheorghe Sarau delegates for 28 years as Romani teachers, only non-Roma. 2000 persons! These more than 2000 Gaje teachers are instructing thousands of Roma children a language invented by Courthiade and Sarau. This is a non-existent language, called by them ”the common Romani language”, a LIE.

You and your Romanichal team are fighting against one Romni woman, the honourable Natalia Ivend. You, mister Ronald Lee are not fighting against more than two thousand Gaje teachers who are teaching our children in the Romanian schools, a dialect invented only with the purpose to destroy the lingusitic heritage of Kalderash speakers. I can bring prooves with the books written by Gheorghe Sarau.

So, you, mister Ronald Lee, and your team, are not defending the Kalderash dialect who made you famous, but you are attacking Natalia Ivend. She did not invent a language to be taught in schools, as are doing the team of Marcel Courthiade and Gheorghe Sarau. Still Natalia is blamed, and the linguistic genocide did by Marcel Courthiade is accepted silently.

Mister Ronald Lee, I’ve successfully tackled stratum theory, i published it officially, and i held conferences. After i published my discoveries, the Council of Europe convened an extraordinary meeting in which many linguists asked for explanations to Courthiade.

Mister Ronald Lee, you said you wrote against Courthiade in your books. Are you kind to tell us in which book of your i can find such an article?

Here you can hear me presenting my discoveries to the Roma world about the -IMOS suffix as indian, not greek:

Here you can read my article:

I remind you that the new form of protest is the silence, and is not called cowardice, but invisible voice.

Mister Ronald Lee, we are a NATION, we, the Roma are ALL brothers. So, we have to tell openly, with loud voice, when a danger is coming against the Romani community.

You all Romanichal are really brave indeed. You all attacking a single woman, saying  ”you are not Romni, and have invented your tongue”, and do not fight the thousands of non-Roma women who declare themselves liarly Roma, and have high salaries from teaching a language invented truly by two Gaje, Marcel Courthiade and Gheorghe Sarău.

Romanichals, Yusuke Sumi is the symbol of Gypsy Industry

The Indo-Romani Vidyalaya staff believes that never a Gajo can give a PhD to anyone in the Romani language beacuse there is no a single Romani dialect among Roms. The persons involved in the Gypsy industry are well-paid by the Governments. Those ”professors” nevere lived among Roms, so their competence in Romani dialects is very limited. Gheorghe Sarău organized summer-schools(3 weeks long) where some Roma came, and he asked from them for Romani words. Please understand that at his summer-school came speakers of different dialects. Gheorghe Sarău took different grammar rules and different words form those indiot Roms and invented the common Romani. The PhD of Gheorghe Sarău was accorded by a Romanian teacher, her name is Lucia Wald. Lucia Wald dont know a Romani dialect, but she accorded the PhD to mister Gheorghe Sarău in the most difficult dialect of Romani, the Xoraxano dialect. Mister Gheorghe Sarău is inventing daily his common dialect, as he is learning from Roms another new word. More thant than he is INVENTING words and is introduicing them in Romani dictionaries!

The biggest threat: our Romani children are obliged to learn the invented language of Gheorghe Sarău. Many of them under the force of the invented language are loosing their native dialect little by little. The Romanian Government does not know these problems, the Government is giving money to the Sarău s ”Romani Faculty”. Gheorghe Sarău is according the right to be teacher to anyone non-Roma teacher after 3 weeks of study at his summer-schools. Those teachers of the invented Romani dont know that this language does not exist! They are obliging at schools our children to learn these new invented dialect. The number of these invented Romani teachers is very big: more than 500 persons, almost oall of them non-Roms!

Yusuke Sumi

These japanese guy told me that after 3 weeks at the summer-school, Gherorghe Sarau recommended to another Gajo, named Gheorghe Bârlea to accept Yusuke Sumi as candidate to PhD. Yusuke Sumi made a ”researching” among some Roms, and the result is 50 pages thesis ( Now Yusuke Sumi is a PhD professor of the Romani language, here in Romania:

Yusuke Sumi studied classical Latin and Greek, and Gheorghe Sarău made him to hold a PhD in Romani after 3 weeks of study in the invented Romani! You can see Yusuke Sumi here:

This is THE Gypsy Industry, not Natalia Ivend and me!