Marcel Courthiade deceives the Roma and Indian Government. On 20 November 1018 maybe the Kalasha people were taken in slavery

Mister Marcel Courthiade embraced the ideea of a French professor, Eric Meyer, that the time of invasions of Muhammad al Ghazna against India was the exact moment  of the Exodus of Roma ancestors. He was based on a text, Kitab al Yamini, in which are described the invasions and raids of  the Prince Ghazni.  To justify this alleged event, is invoked a fragment from the book Kitab-al-Yamini, in which is noted that Mahmud of Ghazni plundered to Kannauj, a major city of more than 50,000 inhabitants, and, in 20 December 1018, captured the entire population, ‘rich and poor, light and dark […] most of them ‘notables, artists and craftsmen’ to sell them, ‘entire families’, in Ghazni and Kabul (according to Al-‘Utbi’s text).

All the gypsy researchers agree that the (idiot!) detail light skin and dark skin, is a proof that those indians were the ancestors of Roma, because only the Roma people have dark and light skin. This is a non-sense. It is known that in India is living the Kalasha nation, which almost all of them are white, have blue eyes and are blond. Their language is Indo-Aryan, but they believe that are the descendants of the Greek warriors of the Emperor Alexander the Great. In Kitab al Yamini does not exist even a little mention about the name of Romani nation.

The second argument that the Roma would not qualify as Muhammad’s slaves is that their ancestors were inferior by caste, and they were not allowed to live in cities under the Manu’s Laws.


Dr Marcel Courthiade (INALCO, I.R.U.), The Gangetic city of Kannauʒ : original cradle-town of the Rromani people, First published in „Linguistic and Oriental Studies from Poznań”
POZNAŃ 2003 Wydawnictwo naukowe pp. 273-286. later in „RROMS: FROM THE GANGES TO THE THAMES”
Mircea Itu, Julieta Moleanu, Cultură și civilizație indiană, p. 112, Editura Credis, 2003.


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