Ronald Lee why you contradict yourself?

Mister Ronald Lee why do you say in your book, Das duma Romanes, that you did not know the Romani Kalderash dialect until you came from England to Canada?



I ask you because on the back cover it’s written  that you are a native Kalderash  speaker. Your wikipedia page is saying that: ”When Lee was 18, he started to travel with a Kalderash family from Europe.” So you started to learn Kalderash at 18?



If you are a Kalderash speaker,why do you use a word from the corrupted Anglo-Romani dialect to offend me? Here is your opinion about my article: Ronald Lee „What a load of unmittigated hinger – Che bari gremada khul”


Mister Ronald Lee, i am very curious who you are, because in your book, Living fire, you declared to be half Sinti, half Machwaya. I believe, judging your offenses, that you are not Kalderash, because a man is insulting other man in his mother tongue. Yours is the BROKEN Anglo-Romani. Hinger is a corrupted Romani word. You said about my article:” What a big heap of shit”. Very wise shit mister Ronald Lee.

Dă clic pentru a accesa livingfire.pdf


On your wikepdia page is stated that your father was Kalderash, in book was Machwaya.



In reality, who you are mister Roland Lee, to have the power to judge the Romani origin of other people, if you dont know dialects from Europe:

”In addition to these activities, Mrs. Lovell Urbani began conducting interviews in 2000 with refugee claimants who identify themselves to be Roma (Lovell Urbani 6 Oct. 2001). The interviews take place at the request of the claimant’s lawyer and at the lawyer’s office in the presence of an interpreter, although Mrs. Lovell Urbani speaks Romanes (ibid.). She provides an opinion as to whether or not the claimant is Roma based on information from the claimant about his or her family name, clan, physical appearance, mother tongue, accent, knowledge of Roma culture and traditions, religious practices, his or her description of their situation in the country of origin and other criteria (ibid.). Mrs Lovell Urbani has not herself been to Hungary or the Czech Republic; in some circumstances, Mrs. Lovell Urbani consults with the Budapest-based European Roma Rights Center, the Roma Community and Advocacy Centre, and Dr. Ian F. Hancock, professor with the department of linguistics of the University of Texas at Austin, before rendering an opinion (ibid.). She charges a fee regardless of the outcome of the interview (ibid.). No other WCRA member conducts such interviews (ibid.).
Mrs. Lovell Urbani has testified at two IRB refugee hearings in Vancouver regarding the Roma ethnicity of the claimants and attended two IRB hearings as an observer (ibid.). Since 1999, she has been a member of the Roma National Congress (RNC) (ibid.), the Hamburg-based Federation of the Romani Civil and Human Rights Movement (RNC n.d.).”

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