Ronald Lee you are not defending the Kalderash dialect, but Natalia Ivend is defending my dialect

Mister Ronald Lee, i have to remind you that you are not Kalderash, but Romanichal. Your fame worldwide is coming from your books about my Kalderash dialect. Even if

your reputation is due to my dialect, you dont defend it. In Europe, Romania, Marcel Courthiade and his school, officially declared in books published by the Ministry of Education that the Kalderash dialect must disappear. For 28 years this linguistic genocide has happened, but excepting me, nobody had the courage to defend the Kalderash dialect. Gheorghe Sarau delegates for 28 years as Romani teachers, only non-Roma. 2000 persons! These more than 2000 Gaje teachers are instructing thousands of Roma children a language invented by Courthiade and Sarau. This is a non-existent language, called by them ”the common Romani language”, a LIE.

You and your Romanichal team are fighting against one Romni woman, the honourable Natalia Ivend. You, mister Ronald Lee are not fighting against more than two thousand Gaje teachers who are teaching our children in the Romanian schools, a dialect invented only with the purpose to destroy the lingusitic heritage of Kalderash speakers. I can bring prooves with the books written by Gheorghe Sarau.

So, you, mister Ronald Lee, and your team, are not defending the Kalderash dialect who made you famous, but you are attacking Natalia Ivend. She did not invent a language to be taught in schools, as are doing the team of Marcel Courthiade and Gheorghe Sarau. Still Natalia is blamed, and the linguistic genocide did by Marcel Courthiade is accepted silently.

Mister Ronald Lee, I’ve successfully tackled stratum theory, i published it officially, and i held conferences. After i published my discoveries, the Council of Europe convened an extraordinary meeting in which many linguists asked for explanations to Courthiade.

Mister Ronald Lee, you said you wrote against Courthiade in your books. Are you kind to tell us in which book of your i can find such an article?

Here you can hear me presenting my discoveries to the Roma world about the -IMOS suffix as indian, not greek:

Here you can read my article:

I remind you that the new form of protest is the silence, and is not called cowardice, but invisible voice.

Mister Ronald Lee, we are a NATION, we, the Roma are ALL brothers. So, we have to tell openly, with loud voice, when a danger is coming against the Romani community.

You all Romanichal are really brave indeed. You all attacking a single woman, saying  ”you are not Romni, and have invented your tongue”, and do not fight the thousands of non-Roma women who declare themselves liarly Roma, and have high salaries from teaching a language invented truly by two Gaje, Marcel Courthiade and Gheorghe Sarău.

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