Romanichals, Yusuke Sumi is the symbol of Gypsy Industry

The Indo-Romani Vidyalaya staff believes that never a Gajo can give a PhD to anyone in the Romani language beacuse there is no a single Romani dialect among Roms. The persons involved in the Gypsy industry are well-paid by the Governments. Those ”professors” nevere lived among Roms, so their competence in Romani dialects is very limited. Gheorghe Sarău organized summer-schools(3 weeks long) where some Roma came, and he asked from them for Romani words. Please understand that at his summer-school came speakers of different dialects. Gheorghe Sarău took different grammar rules and different words form those indiot Roms and invented the common Romani. The PhD of Gheorghe Sarău was accorded by a Romanian teacher, her name is Lucia Wald. Lucia Wald dont know a Romani dialect, but she accorded the PhD to mister Gheorghe Sarău in the most difficult dialect of Romani, the Xoraxano dialect. Mister Gheorghe Sarău is inventing daily his common dialect, as he is learning from Roms another new word. More thant than he is INVENTING words and is introduicing them in Romani dictionaries!

The biggest threat: our Romani children are obliged to learn the invented language of Gheorghe Sarău. Many of them under the force of the invented language are loosing their native dialect little by little. The Romanian Government does not know these problems, the Government is giving money to the Sarău s ”Romani Faculty”. Gheorghe Sarău is according the right to be teacher to anyone non-Roma teacher after 3 weeks of study at his summer-schools. Those teachers of the invented Romani dont know that this language does not exist! They are obliging at schools our children to learn these new invented dialect. The number of these invented Romani teachers is very big: more than 500 persons, almost oall of them non-Roms!

Yusuke Sumi

These japanese guy told me that after 3 weeks at the summer-school, Gherorghe Sarau recommended to another Gajo, named Gheorghe Bârlea to accept Yusuke Sumi as candidate to PhD. Yusuke Sumi made a ”researching” among some Roms, and the result is 50 pages thesis ( Now Yusuke Sumi is a PhD professor of the Romani language, here in Romania:

Yusuke Sumi studied classical Latin and Greek, and Gheorghe Sarău made him to hold a PhD in Romani after 3 weeks of study in the invented Romani! You can see Yusuke Sumi here:

This is THE Gypsy Industry, not Natalia Ivend and me!



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