Mihai Neacșu does not like Roma beggars, so he is ashamed to be from Romania.

Mihai Neacșu, director of the CNCR (Consiliul Național a Culturii Romilor, National Council of Roma Culture), gave an interview to the magazine Vice, in which he said the following:

VICE: Many funds meant for Roma have been swallowed up by various NGOs, as well as by public institutions like the one that you lead. Little money, however, has come into the “real life” of the beneficiaries.
Mihai Neacșu: Yes, that is true. The Romanian state, together with the institutions for the Roma as well as the Romanian ones, did not do a good job. A grass-roots approach needs to be found, that will work intensively with the Roma communities.

VICE: Have you ever suffered because of the people around you, have you ever been discriminated against?
Mihai Neacșu: I suffered in France, where I saw Roma begging and I heard the Romanians talking about their crimes and I was ashamed to be from Romania.

VICE: But can you also see that, in some cases, most especially those of the beggars, the system massively fed into their situation and gave them no way to escape from their misery?
Mihai Neacșu: In this world, Madam, responsibility is, in the first instance, individual. I do not think begging and lawlessness should be considered an option. It should be work. (n.r. – especially when your legs have been broken, so all you can do is begging).

Congratulations to reporter Oana Moisil for the demonic question she asked Mihai Neacșu. Let us analyze in turn each thing that Mihai Neacșu said:

1- He transfers the blame for stealing onto the Romanians, but does not specify their ethnicity, although he previously acknowledged that it was Roma beggars.

2- Mihai Neacșu is ashamed to be from Romania. But Romania pays his salary as director of Roma Culture.

3- He blames the Romanian State for not dealing well with the money stolen by whichever-NGO, even though the Romanian State gave the money to “Roma” NGOs composed of non-Roma.

In conclusion, I want to inform the reader that Mihai Neacșu, director of the CNCR, allowed the publication of a book, with government funds, in which it is claimed that the Romani language does not belong to the Roma. The book’s title is From Victimisation to Citizen Consciousness: The Route to Roma Integration, published by the National Roma Culture Center, Amare Rromentza Publishers, Bucharest, 2014.

When I asked Mihai Neacșu why he allowed the publication of such a book, he turned red and said he wanted to see the result of the disputes that would arise.

Mihai Neacșu is NOT ROM. Because no-one has ever spoken Romani in his family.

Vice article: https://www.vice.com/ro/article/bmz883/romii-de-la-gala-de-excelenta-sunt-romani-mai-buni-ca-tine-229

Translated by Dr. Natalia Ivend. Thank you, Bibie!

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